The struggle is real. And necessary.

You know what, you guys?  Creating a healthy lifestyle can be hard.  Our culture asks a lot of us.  Chill out, have a beer, and show off your 6-pack.  Don’t take life too seriously, live in the moment, and make sure you’re up to speed on whether or not coconut oil is healthy, because if you’re cooking with the wrong oil, off with your head!

It’s a never ending predicament out there, folks.  But that’s not even the point.  The point is that it’s hard; finding time to workout, going grocery shopping, meal planning, chopping vegetables, and doing the dishes, on repeat.  And if you’re not already doing it, the whole thing seems overwhelming and unattainable.  And don’t worry... I’m not about to ramble on about the top 10 ways to start being healthier.  I’m here to acknowledge your strife.  To say that the struggle is real.  And necessary. 

Struggle is required to propel us forward.  If we didn’t feel inadequate in some way or another, we’d all still be living in our parents house, watching full house in our PJs, and eating cereal for dinner without batting an eye.  Wanting, striving for, and working hard are just a part of life.  And it applies to your health endeavors too.  Saying no to the next round of drinks is going to suck sometimes.  Waking up at 5 AM to hit the gym isn’t going to be easy.  

But guess what.  We do it all for a reason.  To keep up with our kids.  To look good in our swimsuits (yes, vanity is real too).  And most importantly, to feel good.  So when you’re about to throw in the towel because it’s hard, just know that it’s supposed to be sometimes.  Also know, that it will get easier.  With every day that you put in the work, the easier it will be to eat the veggies, go to the gym, and chug the water.  And at some point, you’ll actually look forward to these things, not because of the number on the scale, but because you genuinely like the way that you feel.