Sugar addiction

Most of us all have a complicated relationship with sugar.  So many happy emotions are wrapped up in this simple ingredient – nostalgia, joy, warmth, safety and the list goes on.  Sugar is lovely, but eating too much of it damages our most valuable asset.  Our health.

 I’m going to share the following information with you in order to help you make informed decisions when it comes to what you put in your body.  Naivety is bliss until that bliss becomes one of many health issues that can keep you from doing the things that you love.

 I’m writing this under the assumption that you know a few things about sugar.  If not, let me get you up to speed.

  1. Sugar is a toxin when consumed in large quantities.  Toxins create inflammation in our bodies, which leads to a whole host of health issues including weight gain, aging, metabolism, liver problems, and poor immunity to name a few.

  2. Fat isn’t to blame for the obesity epidemic.  Sugar is.

 Sugar is a business, and just like all successful businesses, the sugar business uses marketing techniques to convince the general public to consume more and more of their product.  How much more?  

 Two-hundred years ago, Americans ate about two pounds of sugar per year.  By the early 80s, it was 75 pounds.  By the year 2000, 90 pounds.  And today we’re eating roughly 152 pounds of sugar each year.  Astounding, isn’t it?  In turn, the global sugar industry is expected to hit $100 billion in revenue by 2018, an increase of more than 25% over the last decade.  The sugar business is comparable to Big Tobacco in the way that it uses marketing to help push more of its product on consumers.

 Sugar is comparable to any addictive drug.  The more you eat it, the more of it that you require to experience the same amount of pleasure.  Have you ever found that you unknowingly ate an entire bag of insert sweet snack here without even realizing it?  This is your body requiring you to eat more in order to get the same amount of pleasure that you experienced the first time that you tasted it.  This leads people to seek out sweeter and sweeter foods, which leads to sugar addiction.

 Sugar is a tough drug to quit.  And it’s hard to avoid since it’s disguised behind more than 50 different names on food labels.  The obvious ones being sugar (duh), cane sugar, corn syrup, syrup, and fructose.  But there’s also a whole plethora of not so common names like Barley malt, dextrane, ethyl maltol, lactose, sorbitol, treacle, and fruit juice.

Like most people, I like being in control.  In control of my relationships, career, family, and my health.  So hopefully the information above can help give you back some power and motivation when it comes to decreasing the amount of sugar that you consume on a daily basis.  If you want a customized plan to help you decrease your sugar intake, let’s talk.