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Free Energy: Part one of three - Movement

Photo Credit: Leslie Plesser of  Shuttersmack Photography

Photo Credit: Leslie Plesser of Shuttersmack Photography

Energy is what every parent wants more of.  More energy to host the play dates, run all the errands, go down the slide 100x on repeat, and most importantly, to be patient. Because we all know how hard that can be, especially when you feel like you’re running on fumes.  

Before you continue, know that there is no mention of shots, pods, or capsules in this post.  We’re going to cover the basics; movement, nutrition, and water. And while they might not have fancy marketing campaigns, they are tried and true ways to get you to feel better.  And better yet, they’re free. There is way too much information between these three power-house topics to cover in one blog post, so I’m going to break this into a three part series, focusing on one of my favorite topics first.  Movement.  

Isn’t it amazing how much energy our kids have?  The running, jumping, skipping, flipping, rolling, hopping, building, and whatever other adjective is non stop!  Do you want to know their secret? Movement creates energy. Yes! I know! So simple, right? By simply moving, our tissue generates a form of energy called piezoelectricity.  The way it works is that our bones are made up of piezoelectric material, which, when engaged in movement, creates energy.  This energy is the equivalent to an AC current charging up your cells.  

And not to get too scientific, but does anyone remember the term mitochondria from their seventh grade biology class?  Imagine tiny factories in each of our cells that turn the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe into energy. That’s mitochondria.  And it just so happens that our muscles are where a lot of these little energy factories are located. So when we move our muscles we’re actually helping to create more energy for ourselves. 

So many of you probably already knew that movement helps to increase energy.  And the part that you’re struggling with is building movement into your routine.  I know how busy you are so make it a point schedule attainable movement into your day.  The key word being attainable.  Start with small numbers and slowly work your way up.  Not sure how? Let’s talk. 

Okay, so you’ve read this whole post and you’re thinking, I’m good. I totally get the one hour of recommended exercise each day.  But even if you’re going to the gym on the regular and then sitting on your bum for the majority of the day, you’re only 4% more active than the entire sedentary population.  Yikes, right? So make this a priority folks! Your body and your kids will thank you for it.  

Want more tips on how to naturally infuse energy into your day?  Come back next week for a review on sleep cycles and how yours may be affecting your energy levels.  In the meantime, start small and make movement a priority.