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Time saving kitchen gadgets


I whole heartedly agree with the statement that abs are made in the kitchen.  But I also know that people are busy and that any type of cooking can be overwhelming. So here are a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets that help me get healthy food on the table quickly.  These tools exponentially speed up my cooking time which makes the whole idea of cooking with whole foods a lot easier.


Garlic roller– Fresh garlic is a staple in our household. But nothing is worse than spending 5 minutes simply trying to get the peel off those little buggers.  So I was so happy to stumble upon this simple garlic roller.  Just pop a clove in the rubber cylinder, place on a hard dry surface, and give it a few good rolls and the skin quickly comes off.  Such a time saver!


Quality peeler – I thought that my trusty vegetable peeler from 2010 was just fine until I bought a new one on a whim.  I had no idea how laborious my vegetable peeling was until I switched!  Lesson learned, don’t wait 9 years to upgrade a utensil that gets used multiple times a day. 


Mandoline – This tool can be treacherous for the novist cook, but boy does it come in handy.  This will become your favorite tool to quickly whip up salads or slice up veggies for a snack.  Just be overly cautious of your knuckles and fingertips to start.


Cutting boards– Everyone probably has one cutting board at home, but I suggest in investing in multiple. With the amount of veggies that we eat, I probably wash/rinse one cutting board about 4x/day.  A variety of sizes and materials are best for different sized projects and foods.


Ninja – I use my Ninja at least 3x/week to chop garlic and onions.  Sure, this can be done with a knife, but the Ninja gets the job done in seconds.  It feels sort of ridiculous to have a gadget just for this purpose, but I’d happily take up more cupboard space if it means that I can save 5 minutes and avoid onion tears.


Good knives – I didn’t believe this one until I actually invested in good knives and finally realized that knives do make a difference when it comes to cooking.  Yes, any old knife can do the trick, BUT good knives make the whole process go so much faster and smoother.  


Vitamix – This is the kitchen appliance in our house. We use it daily, if not multiple times a day for smoothies, mixing pancake batter, making nut butters and milks, and blending soups and sauces.  These can be quite spendy, so if you’re looking for some ways to save some cash, search for “renewed” versions on Amazon. These are store models that have absolutely nothing wrong with them that are being sold for a lot less than the brand new versions.