Finding your version of healthy

After last weeks mammoth sized blog post, I decided to scale it back and focus on the basics.

Defining the term “healthy” is one of the first things that I help Mom’s figure out.  We are constantly bombarded with messaging on what types of food to feed our children, our pets, ourselves, how often to exercise, what type of exercise, to fast or not to fast,  and the list goes on. It all can be quite overwhelming. And because we are constantly listening, reading, and watching different versions of healthy, we often don’t take the time to figure out our own version.

After having Lou, I had to reassess my own version of health. For about four months, getting out of the house with a newborn, Crocs and all, and walking around the block with my family was what I deemed healthy for myself. Was it hard to accept that this seemingly small amount of exercise was my workout for the time being? Of course. But I knew that doing what felt good and healthy in this particular stage of life was exactly what I needed.


Like all things in life, health is a balance of our emotional, physical and psychological well-being.  If one is off balance, all the others suffer as well. So take 15 minutes and write down what your definition of healthy is.  Or create a Pinterest board. Or a good ol’ fashioned mood board with magazine clippings. It really doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you identify what healthy looks like to you.  Then ask yourself if what you’ve created fits your lifestyle. Is it realistic? Is it in need of an update? Is it really healthy? Not sure, let’s talk.