Small changes for lasting change

Wellness is a hot topic right now and there are a lot of quick fixes out there to choose from. Those programs might get you fast results, but at some point or another, you’ll be back where you started and looking for the next fad diet or exercise program. So let me start off by saying that my program is not fast, but it is sustainable and you will see results.

Together, we will create a program customized to fit your lifestyle and goals. And no matter what your goals are, I promise to…

  • Listen to your story and find wellness solutions that best fit your needs.

  • Teach you the tools to make simple and sustainable healthy changes to your daily routine.

  • Act as a consistent and reliable source of wellness information and share it in a way that’s digestible and understandable.

  • Help you decipher what wellness information is fact vs. fiction. 


Initial Consultation - Free

In order to provide the most value, I want to learn more about you, your habits, your meals, your history, your routines, your goals, and your favorite book or Netflix original...seriously though.  I’m always in the market for a good binge.  In short, this time is a great way for both of us to see if a health coaching is what you need and how I can best address your wellness needs.  We will spend 15-20 minutes chatting over the phone or on FaceTime.

Behavior Change package

  • Price: $75/month

  • Timeframe: The timeframe will be dependent on what behavior is trying to be extinguished or started.

  • Details:  This is for the person who has identified a habit that they want to break or for the person who wants to start up a healthy habit that seems too difficult to do on their own.  We’ll break down the habit, create attainable goals, apply behavior change techniques, and routinely check-in to make sure that the behavior you’re ending or starting, sticks.

Benchmark & Nutrition package

  • Price: $150/month

  • Timeframe: Bi-weekly check-ins

  • Details:  This is for the person who can hold themselves accountable but still wants initial body circumference measurements and a body fat test to see change from month to month.  Based off of one complete week of MyFitnessPal food journaling, I will provide a breakdown of how you’re currently using macro nutrients to fuel your body and provide nutritional suggestions that align with your wellness goals.

The Complete package

  • Price: $200/month

  • Duration: 3-6 months

  • Details:  Buckle up, friend because we’re doing this thing. We’ll start with an hour long one-on-one meeting to chat about your past, current and future wellness goals. From there we’ll work on setting attainable goals and take baseline circumference measurements and body fat testing. I’ll provide a custom macronutrient calculation that aligns with your goals, weekly nutritional counseling, behavior change techniques, meal guides, and most importantly, accountability. And because I like my people, I’ll be checking in with you via text.

I know a lot about health, but you are the only expert on you.   Let’s talk about your goals and create a plan that suits your lifestyle.